We're a small group of independent ghostwriters and editors, working one-on-one with our clients to create their book, screenplay, memoir, or novel. If you dream it, we can write it!

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"I always wanted to tell my life story, but every time I started, I got stuck. I was so happy to finally see my book published. Couldn't have done it without you." Deb S.

"Had a great idea for a movie, but no idea how to write it. You guys were amazing. See you on the big screen!" Harrison T.

"Never in a million years did I imagine seeing my novel for sale on Amazon. Ghostwriting Experts did a wonderful job with my idea." Julie D.


Whether it's the story of your life, a half-finished novel, or an idea for a screenplay, we turn your ideas into reality. We can fix what you've written, finish what you've started, or create your project from scratch. We're limited only by your imagination (or you can use ours!)

All work is confidential. Samples available on request.

Become an author, a screenwriter, a memoirist.

Make your dreams come true.

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